The Inner Ninja US

The Inner Ninja Foundation is offering an open women's forum/group (18 years plus) that provides women a safe space to discuss and understand mental health issues through discussions and lived experience.

The meetings aim to encourage open communication and reduce the social stigma of mental illness issues including bullying, anxiety, bipolar, personality disorders, depression, self-harm and suicide. 

Empowering women to openly discuss and contribute to the mental wellness idea of building a community of encouragement and support. Through the open forums, women have a flexible option to discuss mental health issues with the goal of building healthy optimism.

*Maximum 12 people per session. 

Session Times

Session Times and Location:
All session will be held at 7.00pm at 255 Walter Road West, Morley
(Artful Ink Perth)

Upcoming Dates:

Monday, 8th July
Monday, 5th August
Monday, 2nd September
Monday, 7th October
Monday, 4th November
Monday, 2nd December