Hey, I just wanted to say thank for you sharing such an important message in a practical way! I am a high school teacher in Melbourne and I see, hear and speak to students with a whole range of worries, struggles and thoughts. Your message is strong and tangible for ALL to connect to and implement. Again, a big thank you for doing what you do, you’re amazing!
— Natalie S

Stef it was such a great night with some inspirational speeches that laid bare the true feelings and impact of losing someone to the black dog and how it feels when those thoughts go around and around your head slowly breaking you down. You gave such an open and honest talk on how it effects you. Thanks for stepping up and taking this issue head on, I could relate to everything you said.
— Gala 2018 guest | Perth, Western Australia

Hi Stefani, I’ve been following your progress and I am thrilled for all you have achieved by touching the lives of others. All the best for your gala ball. I’m on the other side of the country so will only be there in spirit. You really help me understand my daughter more and i’m eternally grateful. Much love, Lynelle.
— Lynelle | Victoria, Australia

I can’t wait to share this at the high school I teach at. The tools you shared about how you manage your illness are great. We need more people like you in the world.
— Amanda | Indiana USA

Your speech was so engaging, it resonated with me so much. Thank you for sharing your story and giving me hope.
— Sandra | Indiana USA

Thank you for sharing your story. It was very impactful. I can’t imagine the amount of courage that takes. The difference you make is incredible; it’s unlike other speakers/groups because you offer hope, not “false hope”, it’s not sugar coated. Your story is real, raw and beautiful. Due to the line of work I am in, I’ve been to my share of conferences. You do an outstanding job with real hope.
— Angela | Oklahoma USA

We just wanted to thank you so much for your bravery in speaking of your experiences at our Lights for Lifeline Launch last night. You truely are inspiring! Thank you again.
— LifeLine WA Team | Perth, Western Australia

Stef Caminiti of the Inner Ninja Foundation is an inspiration. An engaging and absolutely authentic speaker; Stef generously shared the priceless insight she has gained from her personal lived experience of depression and anxiety. Stef tells it like it is; with humour and pathos and great courage. Thank you Stef, for reminding me to “live, breathe and embrace” Life.
— David Kelly | RITO and Owner, Zoot Training consultants

I’m truly grateful to have been a participant of the inclusive learning circle of shared experiences and knowledge we all created last night, I walked away with a greater insight of the Life-long journey travelled by an individual managing, Mental Illness and Suicidality, as opposed to controlling it.
— Jo Lockhart | Centre Supervisor/Education Assistant Officer, Crisis Support Services, Lifeline WA

I’ve been lucky enough to start collaboration with The Inner Ninja and come together with Stef on several occasions now, every time is an amazing and beneficial experience. Her passion for the wellbeing of others and her drive to make a difference to those around her is nothing short of inspirational, I’ve also had the pleasure of hearing Stef address a large audience where she was remarkably strong, well spoken and powerful as she educated everyone on the confronting truths of her battle with mental illness. I’m under no illusions that Stef will continue to drive the Inner Ninja foundation to be a very successful and beneficial organisation for people across Australia.
Without a doubt, Stef will continue to touch every person she comes in contact with the same way she has with me. Stef is an absolute professional, full of energy and a pleasure to work with.
— Matt Runnalls | CEO & Founder, Mindfull Aus

I heard Stef talk at a team meeting. Stef articulates the complexity of mental health in a language that everyone can understand. She relays her own experience and explains how it can be related to personal and work place situations. I found Stef’s talk powerful, engaging and positively challenging.
— Prina Shah | People and Culture Team Leader, Anglicare WA

I heard Stef talk at an Anglicare network meeting. Her own mental health life experience brought the conversation out into the open. I felt Stef’s courage talking about mental health helped the group understand the stigma and discrimination that still surrounds Mental Illness today. Amazing young lady with a passion to break the barriers.
— Sheryl Rybicki | Support Worker, Anglicare WA

My team of psychologists, social workers and youth workers from the headspace youth mental health service in South Australia had the pleasure of hosting Stef and Pat as part of their Here2Help Tour in September 2017.
Both Stef and Pat spoke with passion and authenticity in sharing their respective stories with our team and an audience of over 60 people for our R U Okay Day event. They were extremely professional in their approach and provided a unique insight into their individual mental health journeys. Both Stef and Pat had a profound ability to engage with the audience by sharing their stories in an honest and candid manner, and incorporating humour where appropriate. The feedback from all who attended their presentation was overwhelming positive, with attendees praising them for their courage in sharing their stories, and their ability to talk openly about mental illness in an educative and informative manner.
I would have no hesitation in recommending the presentations offered by Pat and Stef in providing attendees with a valuable, unique and thought provoking insight into mental illness and their lived experience of recovery.
— Steve Wright | Clinical Psychologist, headspace Edinburgh North Coordinator

I asked Stef to come and talk to a group of colleagues as a part of a Mind, Body and Soul initiative we ran in our division. I can honestly say that I have never heard someone so honest, real and relatable share their story. Stef had the entire team captivated, not only by her style but her honesty and hope. I think it was incredibly valuable hearing that anxiety and depression affects people from all walks of life and that Stef’s story is one of many and one of many using their experience to help others.
Nearly every person in the room personally thanked Stef when she finished and were in awe of her bravery. Thank you Stef, please continue the amazing work you are doing to help others it is a gift.
— Zoe Owens | Customer Experience Transformation Manager, Bankwest