Stefani presents in various different environments and forums using her personal lived experience of battling and managing her anxiety and depression for most of her life and throughout her professional career. Stefani’s presentations can be tailored to your specific requirements with a focus on mental health wellbeing, wellness, self- acceptance and awareness. Stefani leaves people with the message of hope and opens the dialogue towards mental health.

Public Speaking

Price available on request

Stefani is available for professional development initiatives, conferences, work place meetings, community occasions and various events.


Price available on request

Stefani offers mentoring for smaller group engagements and for one on one professional or personal development.

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Stef Caminiti of the Inner Ninja Foundation is an inspiration. An engaging and absolutely authentic speaker; Stef generously shared the priceless insight she has gained from her personal lived experience of depression and anxiety. Stef tells it like it is; with humour and pathos and great courage. Thank you Stef, for reminding me to “live, breathe and embrace” Life.
— David Kelly | LifeLine WA and Owner, Zoot Training consultants