"When I was in the psych ward"

When I was in the psych ward I lost life long friends.
I was judged.
I was shamed.
I was made to feel less than.
I was told I was crazy.
I was told I should never have kids.
I believed them.

Then something changed. I thought to myself I’ve been listening to everyone else and ignored myself for years. I wondered what would happened if I trusted me.

When I was in the psych ward I felt safe.
I made friendships that helped keep me alive.
I felt like I belonged for the first time in my life.
I was believed.
I could be my true self.
I chose ME.

These days I continue to choose me. Believe myself. Trust my instincts. Take on board feedback but don’t take it as gospel.

Today I ask you. When did you trust yourself and unapologetically choose you?

Live, breathe, embrace;

Stefani Clavey