"My mask returns"

The past couple of weeks/months maintaining my mental wellness has been difficult to say the least. Now this could be from a number of life things in mix both positive and negative. Like being pregnant with my first child, working full-time, a family member being diagnosed with a serious illness, studying for my second last ever university exam and also doing inner ninja things in every other spare moment. 

Don't get me wrong I'm proud of myself for juggling all of this but I am not proud that my mask has crept back up and better than ever. I've come to realise that because I am very high functioning even when my head is playing up, that my loved ones and close friends can't always tell. I worked out last night that my expectations in others is a huge factor contributing to my depression at the moment. Why? Because I assume people will just check in or remember the things that are happening in my life, as I do for them. 

That is exactly where I have gone wrong. People can't read my mind and people aren't always like me. But that doesn't mean that don't love me or don't care about me (something my depression likes to tell me is true all the time). I've also realised that I need to focus on myself and prioritise my wellness again. 

So many people I have spoken with or met along the way, only ask for help once they feel like they can no longer cope or are in a crisis. My advice to everyone is to reach out sooner. In the moments when you are on your own and deep down you can feel things are becoming to much, THAT IS THE TIME TO REACH OUT. Don't wait to see if things get better or just struggle alone. This is what I have decided to do again (when I am 100% focused on my wellness this comes a little easier). Yes, it is with very select people but most importantly people whom I can trust to help me with my mental wellness. 

Live, Breathe, Embrace; 


Ps. x2 things.... HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT coming next week and don't forget to purchase your tickets to the Inner Ninja Gala Ball on December 13th in Perth. Daniel Ricciardo will be guest speaking, along with some other incredible humans. 

Tenille Westerhout