"Pear shaped"

Last night I had two extremely bad night terrors. Which combined with my phobia of the dark makes for a very anxious Stef in the morning. Knowing this I decided to meditate, did some deep breathing techniques, pack my lunch and doused myself in my essential oils all before I went to work. 

After doing all that I knew I'd given myself the best start to the day regardless of the lack of sleep and other stressors going on in my life (final exams for my degree are next week). By 8.01am I knew the day was going pear shaped. My patience was at 0, my anxiety at a 8 and my depression at a 9. Through my self-awareness alarm bells start going off for me. Luckily I work with one of my closest mates so I shared how I was feeling and asked for a hug. But by 10am I knew I wouldn't last the whole day and arranged to finish at lunch time. 

I learnt 5 lessons for this experience:

  1. Listen to my body (if I had flu symptoms or gastro I would've called in sick) just because you can't see your illness doesn't mean you aren't feeling "sick",

  2. Speaking up actually does help (an oldie but always one that surprises me no matter how many times I do it) I told my colleagues what was going on for me and they understood and supported me through it, 

  3. Keep laughing (The dentist I worked with accidentally sprayed herself in the face with water which = me laughing uncontrollably to the point I couldn't hold the suction),

  4. DO WHAT IS RIGHT FOR YOU!!! It is my job to look after myself as best as I can when I'm feeling that way,

  5. I learnt to always be kind to myself (it's ok if I can't do something and it's ok for me to put myself first).

Those lessons come naturally and easily to some but to me they are big wins when I'm not 100%. What this shows me though, is that I am way better than I was even 6 months ago. I stay it all the time "stay true to yourself" and "listen to your body"! 

Stay tuned for some MASSIVE NEWS coming soon!!! 

Live, breathe, embrace; 


Tenille Westerhout