"Your soul doesn't lie"

Sometimes the universe sends us reminders. Maybe a sign. Maybe an opportunity. Maybe a new friendship. Maybe a vivid dream. These reminders are what keeps life interesting. I used to be focused on keeping myself on the path, others have dictated to me. Actively ignore these reminders. Making sure that I was keeping everyone else happy and proud. 

I came to realise that this actually goes against all my morals and values as a human. It is a huge trigger for me. Ignoring what I want. Putting myself last. Doesn't work for me. I now choose to pay attention to these reminders. I look at them as a tool to check in with myself. See where I am at, in all aspects of my life. I choose not to be scared by new hopes, dreams, plans and pathways. Don't get me wrong, there is still times where I find myself falling into my old ways. But I can confidently say, it doesn't happen that often anymore. 

You have to live with you. Your parents. Your partner. Your friends. Your family. Your colleagues. Your siblings. That don't have to live with your head. They don't have to make peace with thoughts and feelings that you experience. You do though. So, it makes me think why are we so easily persuaded to not reach for the stars, our dreams or something different. If you think back to any major decision you have ever made in your life. Have you asked people for advice? Secretly hoping that they would say, go for it? And when you get the opposite, you're left feeling dishearten? 

Well my friends. I invite you all to just try going for it. Try doing what you truly, deeply want to do in life. Start with small things. Like taking the last piece of pizza, instead of waiting for someone else to take it first. Or telling the waiter, that actually the food they gave you wasn't what you ordered. I know these may seem trivial to some. But for me, I had to start with the small things and then it all adds up. 

Asking for advice is great. I do it often. However, the difference now is. I don't let it get me down if it wasn't what I wanted to hear. Listen to your body. Listen to your soul. Listen to your heart. 

Live, breathe, embrace.


Tenille Westerhout