"My great friend Lozzel"

I've noticed in life, that being a women, society automatically puts certain expectations on us. We must have children by a certain age. We must marry at a certain age. If we are married and have children, our hopes and dreams need to be forgotten/put on the back burner. We need to be the peace makers. The care givers. The people pleasers. If we have any big ideas, it's not as readily accepted. Yes, it has become better but essentially there is still judgement when a women is seen to be chasing her dreams in a huge way.

There is one particularly AMAZING women who helped and encourage me, when "The Inner Ninja Foundation" was just an idea in my head. Her name is Lauren Breen. Lauren came into my life last year and the impact she has had, is priceless. Lauren's passion for suicide prevention has come from her own lived experience, of loosing her brother Aidon through suicide.

It was early on a Thursday morning that I went into Loz's office (we worked together in Perth) and I said I needed to tell her something and get her advice on it. I then went on to describe my idea. Literally, by that afternoon Loz had started the ball rolling for me to get my website up and running. Putting me in contact with her friends and networks. Basically being one of my main go to people in the initial phase of getting things off the ground. Lauren is someone that I will never be able to thank enough and will be forever grateful for.

My friendship with Lauren a.k.a Lozzel has taught me several things. Chase your dreams. Trust yourself. Love big. Go for it. Wing it. To me, Loz is a truly beautiful human being and the impact she has, not only in my life, but people all over the world is profound. Lauren has shown me that no matter how big and far away our dreams seems. We can achieve them. She has proven to me that we can break the "rules" and do things our way. It is a privilege to have Lauren as a supporter of "The Inner Ninja Foundation" and watch this space as we have some awesome things in the works! 
Back yourself. Believe in yourself. Take the risk. GO FOR IT!
Live, Breathe, Embrace.


Tenille Westerhout