"To the beautiful soul, whose name I do not know"

I'll keep this short. 3 years ago I started going to Leederville (awesome place in Perth) daily. It's become a place I associate my recovery with. I use to go to a particular coffee shop and started noticing the regulars. I also noticed something else.

I noticed that there was a person who always slept in a door way on the main strip. People would walk past him. People would stare at him. People would ignore him when he asked them something. Some people wouldn't even notice him at all. This literally broke my heart. I watched this happen for 3 days.

On the 4th day I decided to talk to him. I asked him if he wanted to get something to eat and have a coffee with me. This day changed my life. It made me realize that connection, even with a stranger, makes all the difference in someone's lives.

We don't know each others names but for 3 years now, I've known a beautiful soul. Every time I'm in Leederville, we catch up.

Remember this. Just because someone is different to you. Lives on the street. Has different beliefs. Might not even speak the same language as you. Does not mean they aren't human or don't deserve the same respect you wish to receive. Be kind. You never know what someone is battling.

Live, breathe, embrace.


Tenille Westerhout