"What's all the buzz about gratitude"

Gratitude seems to be the buzz word going around at the moment. You may have seen it mentioned in the media or heard it used around your friends. If you're anything like me, you would've done an eye roll and thought it was a waste of time. 

However, now that I've noticed the term popping up around the place more and more, I decided to see what all the hype was about. I came to realize, I had actually been told about the "gratitude" concept many years ago (when I was in hospital). At that time and until recently I never gave it much attention, sort of just ignored it and nodded my head when someone asked me if I practiced it. 

I thought to myself, how could one word and the meaning behind it, really make a difference to me. I already had mindfulness and meditation in my life. I felt as if that was enough. But this word just wouldn't leave me alone. It kept popping up on tv, in books, my friends would mention it all the time, and my work. 

So, the last few months I put it to the test to see what would happen. Much to my surprise, I saw the immediate effect it had on my life in a HUGELY positive way. Looking and searching for things with gratitude lens on it, made me look at things differently. I saw things in a completely different perspective. Once I had this lens on, I could look at situations which still cause me anxiety in a different light. 

Then I noticed things started happening. Certain opportunities starting to be created. My relationships became more solid. My overall morale was even more positive and the most amazing and inspirational people started coming into my life. Safe to say, I was proven wrong. The buzz about gratitude is REAL. I now implement it throughout my day (when I remember) but mostly at night before bed as the last thing I do. 

Live, breathe, embrace. 


Tenille Westerhout