"B - E - L - I - E - V - E"

Throughout the years I have become aware of what my triggers are. One of them being when I feel people are not believing me or when I find myself justifying my illness to people (the ones who keep the stigma alive).  

I remember feeling like there had to be something wrong with me for sure and that I was going crazy. I was taking the opinions of others as my own, which resulted in the very thing that triggers me in the first place, not believing myself. You can imagine the internal destruction this caused, as I tried to become someone I was not and started to convince myself that what I was experiencing was not real (fuelling my notion that I was crazy). 

Around this time I learnt a very simple lesson, a very hard way. The hard way being, getting so depressed and anxious that I decided to take my own life. The lesson being I needed to believe and trust myself. 

Having the self-doubt, negative self-talk and the old self-stigma, constantly circling around in my head, made living life unbearable. I found the simple things and getting back to basics has helped me get my life back and become healthy again. Things like self-belief, self-acceptance, mindfulness, meditation, connection, being active and staying social, are my key go to strategies for my over all wellness. 

It has taken me years to have the self-belief that I needed to get well. Some days I revert to the old way of thinking, and those days are not pleasant. I can confidently say that the good days out weigh the bad and I have accepted that my illness will always be apart of me. 

Dispelling the myths, mis-conceptions and stigma that are constantly associated with mental illnesses, is my life mission. Letting people know that it is okay to feel the way they feel, that there is hope and you can lead a happy healthy life, will make their journey a little bit easier. I am living breathing proof that it does get better and you can beat it! 

Listen to your gut, believe in yourself and you will be unstoppable! 

Live, breathe, embrace.


Tenille Westerhout