"The V word"

Vulnerability. There I said it. My perception of the word"Vulnerability"  since I can remember, derived from the influences of society, school, work places, family, and media, has not been a positive one. We commonly associate vulnerability with weakness and something that needs to be hidden behind closed doors.

To achieve connections, fulfilling relationships, love, professional success, wellness, and being able to relate to others, we need to show aspects of our vulnerability. Without showing it, we run the risk of coming across as someone who is not in touch with reality or has a lack of understanding about deeper issues.

To me vulnerability means being true to yourself. If I am hiding who I am to others, how can I possibly achieve connection, love, success, and wellness? It is simple, I would not be able too. I know this first hand because throughout the years of trying to avoid my diagnosis of depression and anxiety, I had a huge lack of the above. I may have achieved it on a superficial level but anything profound or beneficial to my soul, did not translate. By allowing myself to be vulnerable, I was able to change the path my life was on and start my journey on recovery.

All to often we are made to feel like it is not okay to be ourselves. We end up adjusting to fit into societal norms, get the promotion at work, keep others happy, or to avoid having to address what is going on internally for us. It is okay to be YOU! It is okay not to be perfect! It is okay not to be okay! Most of all it is okay to trust and believe yourself!

A word we all love to say, want and wish upon our friends, family and ourselves is happiness. Happiness is another word for vulnerability. You have to take risks to achieve happiness, whatever way that looks, being in touch with vulnerability lets us get there. 

Live, breathe, embrace. 


Tenille Westerhout