Welcome to The Inner Ninja Foundation - Live Breathe Embrace!

Welcome to The Inner Ninja Foundation - Live Breathe Embrace!

My name is Stefani Caminiti and I am the founder of The Inner Ninja Foundation - Live Breathe Embrace. My mission is to raise awareness and eradicate the stigma associated with mental illness. Using my personal lived experience with severe depression and anxiety, I can help get the conversation started and deliver the message of hope to others who are battling mental illness. 

This year marked 10 years since my official diagnoses was made, 3 years since I was admitted into a mental health and drug rehabilitation facility and 20 years since my first experience with depression and anxiety. 

When I was in hospital living through my darkest hours I made a decision that if I could use my journey to help make even one person's battle a little bit easier, then this would all be worth it. Fast forward 3 years and my idea and vision has come to life! 

For many years the stigma surrounding and associated with mental illness, in particular depression and anxiety, had at times stopped me from seeking the help I desperately needed to get better. I want to change this, one conversation at a time as no one should ever have to feel that way. Changing society's perception of mental illness is no small feat, but if we all start with ourselves, our families and our friends we will be able to make an impact. 

The key ingredients for my recovery and throughout my journey are trusting my gut instinct, self-acceptance, self-awareness and kindness. These have enabled me to become mentally healthy and helped me to get to where I am today. 

Don't get me wrong some days are still a struggle for me, even as I write this I can feel my anxiety pressing on my chest and squeezing my neck but I remember to breathe and tell myself I've got this. Today I can confidently say I have more good days than bad and I know the more I focus on my recovery and stay true to myself I can keep improving those numbers. 

Stay tuned for some exciting things in the works for The Inner Ninja Foundation and thank you for supporting me and my mission. 

Live, breathe, embrace.


Tenille Westerhout