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Daniel Ricciardo

Daniel is an international sportsman and Formula 1 driver. Being in high pressure situations and needing to concentrate 100% while racing, Daniel believes that his mental health wellbeing is a fundamental aspect to keeping race fit, successful and being able to tackle every day life.

Daniel is a proud ambassador of The Inner Ninja Foundation and believes that "through raising awareness and smashing stigmas, we can improve and save lives of people living with mental illness.”

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Rabia Siddique

Rabia Siddique is an Inner Ninja ambassador. Rabia has been a long time mentor of Stefani and has supported the organisation since the beginning. 

Rabin is one of Australia’s most successful female speakers, Rabia’s engaging and uplifting presentations draw on significant personal challenges and an extensive career as a former criminal, war crimes, terrorism and human rights lawyer, a military career, psychology training, business and as a hostage survivor.


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Amy McCaffrey

Amy McCaffrey is a Paramedic currently based in central Australia, Northern Territory. She is a domestic violence survivor and endeavours to share her story, helping reduce the stigma and shame surrounding family violence. She is committed to speaking “up” about the ripple effects of domestic violence and inspiring others to be courageous and make a change. Her lived experience has had significant impact on her mental health as a growing adult and she does not shy away from encouraging others to be kind to themselves, look after their mental well being and seek help. Amy is a strong supporter of Inner Ninja Foundation and a passionate mental health advocate especially amongst LGBTQIA people and along side her partner Rachael loves to promote equality for all.