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Inner Ninja US

The Inner Ninja Foundation is offering an open women’s forum/group (18 years plus) that provides women a safe space to discuss and understand mental health issues through discussions and lived experience.


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Inner Ninja ME

The Inner Ninja Foundation offers free one on one counseling for youth aged between 14 – 18 years whom identify as having mental health issues or mental illness. 

In collaboration with Peel Youth Medical Service (managed by GP Down South) at the Peel Health Hub in Mandurah, the Inner Ninja Foundation will be available for appointments every Tuesday. No Medicare mental health plan needed. 

For appointments please call Peel Youth Medical Service on 08 9583 5435 or email via 

For more information please email



Stefani offers mentoring for smaller group engagements and for one on one professional or personal development. Stefani utilises her double degree in psychology and counselling mixed with her lived expertise to guide the sessions.


Our services and programs have been developed to ensure our clients feel comfortable, supported and embraced in a setting that best suits their needs. To find out more about our services please visit the link below.


Our Purpose

The Inner Ninja Foundation is an
organisation which harnesses the voice of lived expertise to help support
people in achieving mental wellness. We believe mental wellness, suicide prevention and education go hand in hand in making our communities safe and inclusive of people with brain health issues and mental illnesses.

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Our Story

Stefani Caminiti is the founder and CEO of The Inner Ninja Foundation. Stefani is an avid mental mental wellness
advocate and international speaker.

Stefani volunteered and worked within in the mental health sector for the past 11 years for various organisations.

Currently Stefani is an ambassador for Lifeline WA, a speaker
for SANE Australia, on the advisory committee for Roses in the
Ocean primary health network Perth, a volunteer for CYPRESS, a member of the CQNR collective and a member of the
lived experience network with Suicide Prevention Australia.


Why we do what we do. “If we can make an impact on 1 person or 1000, that’s what we want to do and that’s what I’ll do every single day of my life.” Stef Caminiti Live, breathe, embrace; 💙🌈 🎥: TrendingTributes 🗣: Daniel Ricciardo, Rabia Siddique & Stefani Caminiti

Posted by The Inner Ninja Foundation on Monday, March 11, 2019


One of Stefani's all time favourite 
songs is Inner Ninja by Classified
During her darkest hours this song
became a great source of strength and hope.

Fast forward a few years and it has
become the inspiration for the name 
The Inner Ninja Foundation.

We all have an inner ninja within us and
often when we think we can no longer
fight our battles, this is when our
inner ninja breaks through.

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Our Annual Gala Dinner

The Inner Ninja Foundation's 3rd annual Gala Ball will be held at The Westin Perth on Friday December 13th!

This event is our major fundraising opportunity for the following year ahead to help develop and implement our inner ninja programs (inner ninja youth program, inner ninja women's forum and our postvention 1:1 mentoring for teenagers touched by suicide) into the community, which we provide at no cost. This event will also assist us to further the development of future initiatives and community engagements.


“It’s pretty simple we are all here to save lives” Stefani Caminiti Thank you to our ambassadors Daniel Ricciardo and Rabia Siddique for believing in all that we do! Thank you TrendingTributes for capturing this special night! Live, breathe, embrace; 💙🌈 🗣: Kevin Hines and Joe Williams

Posted by The Inner Ninja Foundation on Tuesday, December 18, 2018


We are so grateful and privileged to have an amazing team of ambassadors represent The Inner Ninja Foundation.

Our ambassadors have helped us raise the awareness of mental wellness
and suicide prevention within
our community.

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